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Too often, the hardest part of a research project is co-authoring the report.

Team members forget to do their part on time.

waiting for others

People keep changing each others revisions.

overwrite revisions

References and formatting are inconsistent.

dozens of versions

It’s stressful, time-consuming, and can jeopardize your research.

OnWriteTrack is an online writing tool developed specifically for collaborative research writing.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Power your writing for 2022

Eliminate the last minute scramble

Get progress reports to keep on track

Make sure everyone know what’s due when, and get updates on progress. 

Number magic

Easy to structure an manage

Manage your reports in sections.

Easily re-order sections without disrupting your heading, caption, or footnote numbers.

Allow simultaneous work on different sections, or restrict some sections to some team members.

Save time by sharing resources

Store and share online material

Find, import, add, and store 120 types of research material in project bibliographies or custom collections.

Share references, lists, images, charts, tables and more.

Custom Library
List research material

Simple and intuitive

Streamline citations with inbuilt reference manager

OnWriteTrack is designed to make citations easy.

Quickly add references in text, in footnotes, in image legends, add endnotes and add a bibliography.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Power your writing for 2022