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Flexibility, speed, and control


Chunk your document into sections

Multiple documents are easy to work with

Add new sections and split your writing into manageable pieces.

Identify their header and footer.

Assign writers, set targets and due dates.

Numbering magic

Forget numbering, just write

Numbering across multiple documents (aka sections)…no problem!

Headings, captions, appendices, footnotes; all re-numbered as you go with no buttons to push.

Number magic
Section meter

Milestone management

Monitor progress as you go

Monitor completion against due dates and set word targets.

Mark each section with its status (todo, doing, for review, done).

One project: multiple sections

Check your outline across multiple sections

Organizing work has never been so simple.

Chunk writing into sections, assign to team members.

Re-order, as required.

Multiple sections

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